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S1206: IREC Licensing (S1206) IRECs changes to education requirements, which we supported, education, requires the CORE Course every year (while keeping the overall hours necessary to renew the same).  In concert with this legislation there is a separate Rule which allows for expanded Courses relating to business development to be eligible for CE.   This gives REALTORS an opportunity to improve their personal business skills and receive CE credit, something our members stressed as important.

Homeowners Associations (H1310) Currently Home Owners Associations enforce covenants and restrictions in subdivisions by fining home owners for violations of such covenants and comply.  This bill puts some requirements in place that protect the home owner from actions by having the Homeowners Association Board meet and the homeowner notified and given time to act in good faith to correct the problem.  The issue was fines being issued without due process and in some cases for profiteering as opposed to being a tool to correct an action.  This REALTORS opposed the legislation because they thought it would make the process more difficult (they have some property managers who manage Associations on their Board).   Unfortunately there are some unscrupulous managers who profit from those fines and put homeowners in a very bad position, this fixes those cases.

Homeowners Exemption for Military Personnel (H584) Allows for the continuation of the homeowners exemption to military members who are sent to other parts of the country for training etc.  This has been a problem for some time and I’ve heard from a number of members who have clients deployed to non-combat zones and lose the exemption.

Cloud Tax Bill (H598) this is a revision of last year’s bill that restricted the Idaho Tax Commission from taxing Cloud based services such as the MLS and Forms and other business to business software.  The Tax Commission continued to consider taxing these Cloud based services, this is will clarify, with no uncertainty, what is taxable.

Exemption Value for Homeowners Exemption (H594) This legislation removes the index on the Idaho homestead exemption, and places the exemption value at $90,000 or 50 percent of assessed value, whichever is less.  We are still working on changing the April 15th date for filing, but we are starting with setting the number at $90,000 to avoid tax shifts and create consistency for homeowners (the number can still be changed in the future but the index being used created issues including tax bills going up when home values were going down).


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Director of Public Policy

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